Biodiversity and
Ecosystem Services

Main Topic Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

Eje Temático Biodiversidad y Servicios Ecosistemicos - Nicolas Pinel 6to Congreso Nacional y Segundo Internacional de Ciencias Ambientales

Nicholas Pinel

Universidad EAFIT


The concepts of biodiversity and ecosystem services can be intricate. Biodiversity is considered an ecosystem service in its own right, as it reflects the inherent value of natural diversity. Although minor losses in biodiversity may not significantly impact some ecosystem services, they can quickly decline when critical elements of a functional group are lost. This means conserving biodiversity is crucial for preserving ecosystem services and vice versa.

What does this topic look for?

This topic aims to explore two main areas. Firstly, it seeks to understand the progress made in diversity, conservation, ecology, and restoration. Secondly, it examines the connection between biodiversity, ecosystem functions, ecosystem services, and users across various spatial and temporal scales. Ultimately, the goal is to assist in making informed decisions that support these resources’ restoration, conservation, and utilization.


Technology and Environmental Innovation.

Culture and education for sustainability.

Submission of Abstracts

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